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The Wilson Family Martial Arts Story is a family’s journey. Sifu Sky and his wife Laura have raised three children in Vancouver, and our martial arts path began when our oldest son, Oziah, stated that he wanted to start training at age 6. When we saw the impact that training had on our son – how their confidence increased, how they found thier voice, positive attitude, and desire to help out in the community – we knew we had found something more than another extracurricular activity. We found a path not only to build our skills as individuals but also to build our capacity to have a meaningful impact on our shared communities.

Since that time, Sifu Sky, Oziah, and daughters Alma and Etta have had the privilege to train with Professor Mark Moy at the Moy Martial Arts Academy. As our children have navigated elementary through high school, we’ve seen firsthand the way their training has prepared them to manage the challenges, transitions, and uncertainty of growing up and finding their way in the world.

I’ve personally witnessed the positive impact training in a healthy and supportive community has on young people experiencing bullying, anxiety, problems focusing, self-control issues, and alienation and isolation intensified by the pandemic. At Wilson Family Martial Arts Academy, we work to continue this legacy and build a platform for people to strengthen their abilities and have a positive impact on their shared communities and the future.


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