✨ Special Offer: $75 for One Month of Unlimited Tai Chi Classes✨

(Regularly Priced at $119)

Embark on a journey toward authentic Tai Chi practice with us, connecting deep-rooted tradition with the genuine well-being of mind, body, and spirit.


Discover the Authentic Benefits of Tai Chi: 

  • Physical Wellness: Improve flexibility, balance, and strength in a gentle manner.
  • Mental Clarity: Find peacefulness and clear-mindedness through meditative movements.
  • Emotional Stability: Cultivate an inner calm that permeates your daily life.
  • Communal Connection: Join a supportive community that values genuine practice and individual growth. 


Seeking a Different Approach to Your Physical and Mental Well-being? 

Explore a mindful practice that transcends mere physical exercise, offering a path that harmoniously intertwines your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Your One-Month Unlimited Access Pass Includes:

  • Access to all Tai Chi classes—open for all skill levels.
  • Guidance from experienced and dedicated Tai Chi instructors.
  • A complimentary uniform to commence your journey.


Sign Up Additional Family Members and Receive an Additional 10% Off Per Person!


Embrace a Practice Rooted in Tradition and Authenticity.

Wilson Family Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to maintaining the authenticity of Tai Chi, providing a space where tradition and genuine practice coalesce to guide you towards true holistic wellness.


Enroll now!

Limited time offer must sign up by October for 31. Reserve Your Space and Begin a Journey Towards Authentic Practice! 
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