Teen/Adult Martial Arts (ages 13+)

Defend your peace, embrace your power

Our Teen/Adult Martial Arts program is an empowering self-defense experience with our KAJUKENBO TUM PAI program. Firmly grounded in the martial arts doctrines of Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Boxing, and Filipino Martial Arts, this program doesn’t just prioritize force; it emphasizes strategic and tactical defense against larger assailants. In this pursuit, you will learn to adeptly intercept and redirect attacks, leveraging adversarial force without directly opposing it.

A glance at our KAJUKENBO TUM PAI training curriculum reveals a thorough spectrum of defensive skills and strategies:

Pre-Contact De-escalation Tactics: Identify pre-attack cues and maintain a safe, advantageous position.

Locks, Controls, and Escorts: Apply joint locks and manipulate adversaries effectively through mechanical advantage and movement.

Tactical Responses Across Ranges: Construct a “Defensive Shield” against strikes and holds, and master the technique of blending with an attacker’s energy to control and counteract.

Accurate Striking: Deliver full-force, precise strikes across various scenarios and ranges.

High-Stress Scenario Simulations: Maintain control and accuracy in high-speed, realistic defense scenarios against resisting opponents.

Strategies Against Multiple Attackers: Employ strategies like “stacking up” attackers and using pressure points to manage multiple threats.

The curriculum also adheres to essential “Reality Checks”, ensuring:

  1. Defense viability against larger opponents.
  2. Dependable strategies against multiple attackers.
  3. Developed reflexes and survival tactics against ambush attacks.

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Begin today; enable your empowered defense journey with Wilson Family Martial Arts Academy.