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About Us

Welcome to Wilson Family Martial Arts Academy, where Sifu Sky Wilson, a 2nd-degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo Tum Pai under Professor Mark Moy, leads the way as the head instructor. With close to two decades of academic teaching experience, Sifu Sky offers personalized martial arts instruction, ensuring a tailored learning experience for you or your child.

Wilson Family Martial Arts Academy prides itself on inclusivity and accessibility. Regardless of your previous experience or physical aptitude, we warmly welcome you or your child to join us. Our teaching philosophy centers on meeting each student at their current level, providing a strong foundation for growth and progress.

We focus on a self-defense-oriented martial art system, with curriculum that encompasses a wide range of techniques, including kickboxing, grappling, and ground fighting. 

Additionally, Sifu Sky teaches Chi Gung and Yang Style Tai Chi, making the training practical and applicable in everyday situations.

Beyond physical skills, our programs place a high emphasis on fostering a supportive environment. We believe in building confidence, amplifying voices, and empowering our students to take charge of their lives.

As the name suggests, we truly embody “family” in our academy. Sifu Sky is not alone; his three children, Oziah, Alma, and Etta, are assistant instructors who have each dedicated over ten years to their training.

Join us at Wilson Family Martial Arts Academy, where we combine quality instruction, a strong sense of community, and a fun-loving atmosphere to help you or your child flourish in their martial arts journey.

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