Tai Chi and Qigong

Feel Better and Be Able to Do More with Less Effort

In our fast-paced world, stress pervades our lives, affecting our physical and mental well-being. It is widely acknowledged by physicians that a significant portion of illnesses stems from mental stress and emotional anxiety.

The ancient Chinese health arts of Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qigong (Chi Gung), are celebrated for their efficacy in stress management, bodily rehabilitation, and enhancing Quality of Life. Embrace a practice where tranquility and vitality coexist, fostering a sanctuary of wellness within you.

Our Curriculum:
  • Traditional Yang style Tai Chi Form
  • Diverse Chi Gung (Qigong) Sets
  • Application of Tai Chi principles in two-person drills (push hands)


Tai Chi and Qigong are accessible to people of all ages, with practitioners often continuing well into their 80’s, providing an especially beneficial practice for seniors through fostering strong posture, mindful balance, and enhancing range of movement.

The Gentle Power of Tai Chi & Qigong (Chi Gung): 

Correct Breathing & Relaxation: Harness the power of your breath as a vehicle of calm and focus.

Enhanced Physicality: Bolster your posture, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Reduced Tension: Find solace in gentle, non-impact movements, promoting relaxation and ease.

Effortless Movement: Achieve harmonious integration of mind and body, moving with graceful efficacy.


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Attain Balance, Enhance Vitality, and Cultivate Peace with Us.
🌺 Benefits That Radiate Throughout Your Life: 🌺

Holistic Rehabilitation: Gentle on your joints, aiding recovery for areas like knees, spine, and shoulders.

Pain Management: Discover techniques to interrupt the chronic pain cycle and foster comfort.

Enhanced Vitality: Boost your immune system and invigorate your energy levels