Youth Self-Defense (Ages 9-12)

Your Child’s Defense Against Bullying Starts Here.

An Inclusive, Empowering Environment for All Young Individuals

With a strong stand against bullying and a hearty push for personal agency, our program is dedicated to creating a welcoming, inclusive space where every child is seen, valued, and empowered. The skills learned here are not just for the mat – they’re for life, providing your child with unshakeable confidence and the ability to navigate through various challenges.

Tailored for 9-12 year-olds, we offer a safe environment where practical defense tactics and mental strength are key. Beyond physical skills, your child will gain confidence, leadership qualities, and a disciplined mindset, crucial for navigating real-world challenges.  Let’s build strong, confident futures together. Enroll today!

Youth Self Defense: Our Results-Driven Approach

Your child will learn real-world self-defense skills with our Youth program, blending focused training and practical application in a direct, results-driven approach. Including:

Focused Strikes and Takedowns:  Learn to execute precise strikes and controlled takedowns.

Adaptable Grappling:  Understand the fundamentals of grappling, both standing and on the ground.

Strategic Submissions:  Discover various submission techniques in a tactical and strategic manner.

Counter-Techniques:  Develop the skills needed to counteract grappling and submission moves effectively.

Defensive Skills:  Learn how to escape from various holds and defend against a range of attacks with efficiency.

Take advantage of our new student trial package – just $29.99 for three classes. 

This package includes a special one-on-one session where the student, parent, and instructor come together, ensuring a tailored experience to set your child on the path to success.

Solid Benefits in Every Class:

  • Physical and Mental Development: Engage in exercises that promote clear thinking and physical agility.
  • Practical Techniques: Learn martial arts in a fun and straightforward way that is easy to understand and apply!
  • Body Strengthening: Encourage muscles to grow stronger and more toned in a variety of activities.
  • Coordination and Control: Improve physical coordination and learn to control body movements effectively.
  • Stress Reduction: Enjoy sessions that allow for stress release and physical development in a supportive environment.
  • Expert Martial Arts Instruction: Experience the best of various martial arts styles with our expert instructors.